im nomade

Our tribe consists of 2 souls who work together every day to enable every entrepreneur to grow in the online world in the long term.

A nomad mindset with a passion for development in entrepreneurs and nature

How it all started

We both had full-time jobs, good jobs, with a nice salary. We were happy, but there was a strong desire to discover. What does the world look like, what cultures are there, how many mountain peaks can we climb, and so on?

One day we decided to change course, we said goodbye to our jobs and took up all the vacation days we had left. Immediately we no longer had a job, and a house, but we had our passion for each other and for what we do to this day.  online Development!

We have our home in Portugal but our suitcase is ALWAYS ready for a new adventure. We still remain nomads after all…

MEET Max...

I’m Maxime, born in France, but I feel European first, and that’s important to say! I love my country, we’ve got some qualities and default… That’s for sure.

Traveling is something I’ve got in my skin. New-Zealand, Bali, Portugal, England, Spain… The list is long, and not finish!

My ultimate desire tot discover will be not be found on Earth, I want to discover the universe and all its in it. That’s something magical and pushing me every day. I hope technology can give me this luck, and I was not born too early for that. 

Something easier is to enjoy the ocean. I love the Ocean, waves, and powerful water. That’s what makes me happy. And to make Yoga in the morning.



I’m Iris the creative one, born and raised in the beautiful Netherlands in the city of Nijkerk (Nijkerk has the most beautiful church tower in the Netherlands). My passion for being creative has always been in me.

Yet I always felt that I did not belong in 1 place, there was a deep desire for adventure. The desire to be an adventurer became reality when I decided to move to Lisbon for 9 months. 

These 9 months have changed my life, so I discovered that life does not have to be so serious and that jumping deep is not that scary at all.

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