SEO Guide

SEO what exactly is? And how do you keep up? In this blog we want to help you with the basics of an SEO friendly website. So that your website comes to the top in Google, because let’s be honest you don’t want to be on the 2nd page of Google. We personally think that […]

Morning routine

We have been digital nomads for half a year now, and WOW how cool it is! Although our lives have to go where the wind takes us, from day 1 we have already done a MORNING ROUTINE. Having a morning routine is especially good for a digital nomad. Wherever you are and whatever your day […]

First E-book is coming soon

Hi everybody, Maybe you have already seen it on Instagram, but we are currently making our first E-book! This will be about how to market your company and how to grow on the social media channel Instagram. We offer this completely FREE! We ourselves have only been on the market for six months and are […]

Top 5 of the travel bugged list

This week would like to share with you our bugged list about our dream travels. As a digital nomad, the world is completely open and no limit is too far. Now during the Corona we had a good opportunity to check which places are worthwhile for us to get in our top 5 of dream […]

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Hi all, We would like to talk more about our experiences to be a digital nomad. After our Real Talk last week, we now want to give some tips to hopefully take the step of being a digital nomad. Let’s face, it’s quite a step, leave everything behind and go in the big world with […]

Real talk

I just want to have a real talk about the fact that we are “Digital Nomads”. When we have started to travel and to work at the same time, everyone was saying “Wauw, so you are Digital Nomads”? It was a weird feeling to be called like that, I never hear about the title Digital […]

What to do in Ubud

Its almost 2 months that we had to leave Bali, for 30 days we had a wonderful small apartment close in the middle of the rice fields.  For me (Iris) I was a bit scary to go on the plane for so long, I don’t know why the fear came up after our travel in […]

Whoah! We’re going to Ibiza

Yes, we’re finally going to fly again. This is a new destination for both of us, you probably already have the song in your head of the title, but we went to IBIZA! After having been in the gray Netherlands for 3 weeks and eating our self round with oliebollen (sorry no translation)  and beer, […]