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How to grow your Instagram account – 2020

September 15, 2020

You want to grow your Instagram account, in an organic way?

We have found some tips on various platforms that have helped us to grow in an organic way on Social Media and even get customers through.

Social Media is actively used by 3.5 billion people (and pets😊) every day, of these users 1 billion is active on Instagram every day. So it won’t surprise you that companies are making the most of this, but we understand that a platform this large can be intimidating. No worry, we got you!

We have come up with 9 tips to grow your Instagram in an organic way. Here is a BONUS TIP, don’t forget that Social Media is not a platform to continuously perform, enjoy, discover and don’t be made insecure by the large accounts, you are unique and only the world can show who you are!

1. Quality over quantity.

There was a period on Instagram when many people post daily or several times a day, this is still a success for some accounts, these are often influencer accounts that have to post daily for their clients. Unless you’re an influencer, it often doesn’t work for everyone to post daily.

It may be that if you post several times a day your followers can see you as spam. It can also happen that you persist in posting twice a day for 2 months and after those 2 months once a week, this can also cause you to lose followers. So it is important to be able to find a Balance in the amount of post you do per week, this is a bit of play and measurement, but how to keep an eye on what how many kind of peers post account, their followers are the same target audience as yours, this allows you to see what the target group expects from your account.

2. Make use of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are designed to give your target group a look behind the scenes or to give a short life update.

Your Stories are posted at the top of Instagram and are often the first thing people look at before scrolling. Despite the fact that your story is only visible for 24 hours, their impact is much greater, you interact with your followers, and they feel like they really know you or are closer to your project.

You can post a story in the form of a photo or video, for more engagement make as much video as possible, this will give a more “lively” feeling to your followers.

TIP: Collect your most important stories in the Instagram Highlights, when new or existing followers come to your page, they can watch all your Stories and projects.

3. Make your own #.

Having your own hashtags ensures that you can build a community with the same interests, the right Hashtag can show your image, video, or Instagram story to a large audience.

Many brands use their own hashtag with a quote and or the name of the company – #JustDoIt, #ImLovinIt, we all know which brand this belongs to.

It is a challenge to let your followers use your Hashtag, but you can post it daily in your stories, put it on your business card, if you hold an event make a photo boat where they have to use your hashtag when they upload the photo on Social media. Also show that you appreciate someone using your hashtag by including the post in your story or by adding the post to your feed.

4. Be Social!

The purpose of Social Media is to be Social with others, makes sense right? By interacting with others you not only help someone else with the reach of more audience, but you are also seen by several. Go beyond liking photos, leave a sincere comment or DM them, so you can meet new people and share ideas with them.

Give your followers a two-way communication where they comment below your photo let them know that you are grateful for their kind words

5. Give people a reason to follow you.

The main reason people follow an Instagram account is that they have found value in it for themselves. Usually this is due to the visual appeal and specific information that the Instagram account shows.

Show them what your passion is and that you are not afraid to go for it 100%, this is also what our inspiration is to show on Social Media. After all, you only live once, right?

6. Show your Brand Identity.

Don’t underestimate the power of visual communication. When it comes to presenting your brand, the logo and color choices are recognized first. When I start talking about a soft drink brand with red letters, you already know I’m talking about Coca-Cola.

Use your Brand Identity and make your feed visually appealing. No Brand Identity yet? For more information, check out the link to create a killer Brand Identity with us.

There are several apps (paid and free) where you can plan your Instagram feed, so you can see if all photos match your feed.

7. Geotag your Photos.

If you’ve been on vacation or a nice Cafe, tag their location in your Instagram post. People who want to or go to the cafe or location will notice your photo and start following you, because now you have something in common with each other.

Also use the location tags to get inspiration if you go to an event or want to discover a new workplace, here you will meet many new people with whom you can exchange inspiration.

8. Instragram Bio.

Your Instragram Bio is an interesting way to be found by your target audience. It works a bit like the SEO for a website, people you by using keywords.

For example, you are a business coach called “Well Business”, they will search for a business coach on Instagram, because you are new to Instagram, the app will not immediately put you at the top of the search results, but when you enter your bio name put you as a business coach, Instagram will put you higher in the list.

9. Don't take it too seriously.

This is a tip in which I (Iris) sometimes lose myself, Social media can put a lot of pressure on you if you do not immediately get likes on your just posted photo, or if you have not received a new follower after 4 days. These are all uncertainties that are new to humans, because this goes beyond just being beautiful in a photo, you expose yourself to many strange people.

Don’t take Instagram too seriously, it’s a wonderful and powerful tool to get more new customers, but don’t expect miracles to the first post, give yourself and Instagram time.

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