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October 26, 2020

How do our hosting services work, and what is included?

Besides the fact that we want to grow your company digitally on the market by making websites, brand identity, SEO, and Social media, we would like to go a step further in our services.

For this we have put together a hosting package for our customers (and new customers), this package is completely FREE for our customers and new customers for the first year!

Curious about what our hosting service includes? Then read on below for more information.

Small changes

We understand that sometimes you simply don’t have the time to make a small change to your website. Or maybe you need help optimizing the text on a new page you created.

Our customers receive FREE instructional videos on how the NOMADE TEMPLATE works, but if anything is still unclear, we are ready for you!

We got your back (up)

In addition to the host making a backup of your website every day, we also ensure that we make a weekly backup of your website. This way you can be sure that your website will never be lost.

Tips: Make a monthly backup yourself, put it on a USB stick so that you are sure that your website cannot be lost.

We resolve malfunctioning points,

That are not made by a third party, sometimes out of impotence it can happen that your website has a bug to an update of WordPress, hacking or other reason.

We help your website get back on track until the bug is gone.

New updates

WordPress and Elementor offer an update once in a while, we install it for you and see if it works optimally for your website, and whether it leaves any bugs behind.

If the updates have changed so much, we are always open to a meeting in which we go through the latest updates.

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