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Use SEO for be on the TOP.

Have a website is important,  that’s not  a question anymore. But, you need to have a good SEO Strategy, to have visitors, and sales or leads. 

Keywords, cocon, semantics… We can drive you brand on the good way with our Tools, and implement the strategy on your website. 

1 - Audit & Strategy

Start from 599 excl. VAT

First of all, you need an Audit, and to build a strategy. You have a new website, or a old one, we need to check “inside it”, the speed, the netlinking, how your pages are organised… 

And to build a Strategy. How is your Buyer Personae. Don’t think about what you sell, think about what they are searching, what is the problem they try to fix… 

2 - Content, content & content.

Now we have make the SEO Strategy, it’s time to give some food to your user, and to Google. You need to have quality content, not duplicate, good and nice to read. But, to use the good words, to be found, and place the links on the good place, on the good organisation. Guide the visitor where you want. 

One Month

€500 excl. VAT

Six Month

€450 excl. VAT

Twelve Month

€400 excl. VAT

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We can drive for you a quick audit, check vitess, backlinks, and some tips you can improve for free!