March 1, 2020

Whoah! We’re going to Ibiza

Yes, we’re finally going to fly again. This is a new destination for both of us, you probably already have the song in your head of the title, but we went to IBIZA!

After having been in the gray Netherlands for 3 weeks and eating our self round with oliebollen (sorry no translation)  and beer, it was time for sun, sea, and work.

Well, work, we were invited to create a website in a beautiful villa, which is located in the middle of nowhere. With a beautiful view over the valley and a wonderful sun to work in and with 2 lovely women Kim and Suus how took care of us. We were so lucky with them, every morning they made a big breakfast.

We had rented a car (a Fiat 500 at my request), so we could enjoy a nice tour of the island.

At the weekend we decided to visit some hippie markets, they were small but nice. After lunch, we decided to go off the road and find a small beach to take a nap. It had rained quite hard that night before and the road was definitely not suitable for a Fiat 500, but stubborn as we were we went for it and arrived at the small beach. After our nap we went back to continue touring and find a place for dinner, once on the road, we got stuck, not in the mud but we didn’t get over the bumps, this road was only meant for a tough Jeep and not for a girly car. For an hour we tried to make a road smooth and get the car safely up, with no success. Fortunately, 3 hippies came to rescue us, our Fiat was saved in 1 second like it was nothing. The face of Max was priceless, he was so disappointed he didn’t get the Fiat up so fast.

Back on the road for a sunset, it was beautiful we were in the mountains and saw the sun disappear behind the back of another mountain.

The following days we were busy with finishing the website and wow the end results are so beautiful! Website of Villa Lilith & Eve

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