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ESTD 2019

Since 2019, I’ve passionately assisted entrepreneurs worldwide in elevating their companies’ online presence. My mission? Empowering you with confidence in your company, ensuring you take pride in the masterpiece you’ve created.

Bloom with IM NOMADE:
Define. Grow. Flourish.

In a garden of flowers, be the wild one.

Embarking on my entrepreneurial journey with IM NOMADE transformed my life. With 0% prior business experience, I discovered the power to define branding and shape a unique brand identity.

Now, not only can I travel while working, but I’m also on a mission to assist expat entrepreneurs like you in flourishing in the digital landscape.

Let's Work Together

Graphic Design

Immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of (re)branding with IM NOMADE. Collaborate with us to define the essence and visual identity that uniquely represents your brand. Let’s craft a compelling narrative for your business together.

Website Design & Development

Your website is more than an extension—it’s the digital gateway to your business. Whether selling products, booking appointments, or showcasing your brand, IM NOMADE specializes in defining branding and crafting a unique online identity.

SEO & Copywriting

A visually appealing and user-friendly website is just the beginning; without traffic, it won’t drive sales. At IM NOMADE, we seamlessly integrate SEO and Copywriting to define your branding and create a compelling brand identity, ensuring your website not only attracts but captivates your target audience with unique, sales-driven content.

AI consulting

Transform your business with our AI consulting services, tailored chatbots, and engaging workshops for larger groups. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations or enhance customer experience, we have the expertise to drive success. Ready to embrace the future? Contact us now to explore our solutions!

The Power to Define Design

Traveling for over 4.5 years has been amazing. I’ve escaped the usual office routine, and now I enjoy helping expats like you. Nature inspires me, and I love defining brands and creating unique identities.