Im Nomade

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”

Our vision

Running a business should not be an obstacle, but the challenge of a lifetime. We want to break through this, we cannot remove all “obstacles”, but we would like to help entrepreneurs with marketing their business online. We believe in entrepreneurs with a wild soul who see obstacles as challenges.

The journey

December 2019, there we were 2 burned our souls in a poor restaurant in Lisbon, very special because they had everything done, a good job, nice apartment in the city, something was missing…

And so 2 souls decided to give up everything and buy 2 single tickets to Bali. This is how our adventure towards a purpose began.

A team with a goal

Iris van Steeg

The creative of the team, besides her mama mia hippie vibes, she definitely takes her job seriously. Born in a small town in the Netherlands, Iris always felt the unrest to see more of the world, and as a little girl, she dreamed of going around the world in a hippie bus.

Maxime Lelievre

Maxime is a true all-rounder when it comes to technical things, no challenge is too big for your website. Max has lived his whole life in different places in France and is therefore already used to the nomad life. Maxime has been dreaming for years of refurbishing his own house, and preferably also on wheels.