Morning routine

We have been digital nomads for half a year now, and WOW how cool it is! Although our lives have to go where the wind takes us, from day 1 we have already done a MORNING ROUTINE.

Having a morning routine is especially good for a digital nomad. Wherever you are and whatever your day looks like, this is your moment, your way of waking up.


It’s not just reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.

It’s not just reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.


Every morning the room is filled with music sounds of nature. We always sleep with the curtains open to wake up in the morning with the light in our face. Waking up + getting up often takes half an hour, we love to talk about our night and cuddle.

Although Max can sometimes suffer from snoozing


If you follow us on Instagram you can see that we are currently working on the Chloe Ting challenge, she offers free training programs on her website. With RESULT!

It gives us more energy, and we are more focused through the day.

(this takes about 30-45 min)


This is from 2 weeks ago, soon I will make an update on our Instagram page.

7 AM

The workout is over, recently I (Iris) only shower myself in the morning. This was a life changer for me, I shower shorter and colder (so better for the environment).

After a fresh shower we get ready for the day, despite working at home we do every day present ourselves as everyone who goes to work. This ensures that you take your work more seriously.


8 AM

The last part of our morning routine, but also our favorite one.


We enjoy taking time before breakfast, discussing what we want to do that day and whether meetings are scheduled. Sometimes we watch the news or a vlog.


8.30 AM

Let’s start business!

Our morning routine is certainly far from perfect, but it does help us to start the day with concentration.

We are very curious about your morning routine, let us know in the comments.

Oh, do you like it if we make a video about this, please let us know.