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Road trip on the Cote d’Azur in 7 days

August 25, 2020

Ready for your Road trip along the blue coast of the South of France?

Côte d’Azur is an area in the south of France and is known for it’s blue coastal waters. It is a popular place for people with money… They stay in expensive villas and overly luxurious yachts.

You really don’t need to have a bulky wallet to go on holiday in the Côte d’Azur. We have come up with a nice Road trip with the highlights and less touristy places of the Côte d’Azur.
To start your road trip you must first arrive at the location, to start your road trip you could go to Nice or Marseille. Our advice is to have a quick coffee here upon arrival and to pick up your rental car.

Let the road trip begin!

We start with an unknown place in the Cote d’Azur Saint-Victor, a small picture but certainly worth a visit, through the village literally flows a waterfall. We had a very romantic evening, there was life music, a small square with a church and especially delicious food. the restaurant may not have the looks but the food is fresh and full of flavor. @Bristo-Pastis

Day 2/3: Today is Beach Day!

Today it is time to enjoy a day at the beach, from Saint-Victor it is an hour’s drive to Plage de Grimaud at the seaside resort of Port Grimaud. You can relax or enjoy one of the activities that the beach has to offer, such as paddling or pedal boating.

Yesterday we relaxed and we are now going to explore the city, Port Grimaud is also called the Vinetie. The architect François Spoerry made the city to make it a vacation spot, all downtown houses have their own boat place. It is super fun to wander through the small streets and walk along the canals.

Day 4: Travel and Sushi

We go to the city where one of my (Iris) great idols Brigitte Bardot, Saint-Tropez. The place of the Hunt, I am also a big fan of this! It is really wonderful to see how much money people can have to spend on an over the top luxury yacht.

If you happen to be there on Saturday, there is a super nice market in the middle of the center, here you can buy beautiful clothes and buy local products. Besides the market, it is also nice to discover small boutiques.

Now my favorite part of town comes to watch boats! At the end of the day, all boats enter the harbor, you can enjoy this spectacle on the terrace with a nice cocktail.
This restaurant doesn’t care about its looks, but the sushi is delicious! @kyoto-sushi & thai

Day 5: FREE!

Get in the car and drive without a map or google maps, feel where your heart wants to take you and discover where no one has gone before.

Day 7: Last but not Least!

Today you are also nice and free to come and go wherever you want. For us, a Road trip is the goal to find new places that Instagram doesn’t have a # of yet.

Day 6: Like a fish in water

Get up early for this day! Because we are going into the mountains, between the mountains is a beautiful lake situated between the rough and rugged area. Gorges du Verdon is a beautiful bright blue lake that you can only reach via a beautiful route through the mountains.

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