April 26, 2020

How to Become a Digital Nomad

We would like to talk more about our experiences to be a digital nomad. After our Real Talk last week, we now want to give some tips to hopefully take the step of being a digital nomad.

Let’s face it, it’s quite a step, leave everything behind and go into the big world with your laptop and a suitcase. We are now six months further, and we now notice in Corona’s time that being a digital nomad has many advantages.

We have created 4 tips to become a Digital Nomad that hopefully can help you in the process of becoming a Digital Nomad.

What do I have to offer?

Life as a Digital Nomad of course sounds like a dream, traveling, working on the beach with a cocktail, but life is not about roses. In the end, you end up in your hotel room with little Wi-Fi and trust me it’s all true. This illusion is hard work!

But as you may be there are severals who want to make this dream come true, think carefully about how you will rise above the market and why you are special, and also have confidence that you can make it as a digital nomad.


This is perhaps the most important topic of all. Although you can and can see a lot of the world, business things also come into play. Get insurance, customers, bills, and last but not least Tax. Wherever you may be in the world they will not forget you. It is also important to take good travel insurance, if something happens along the way you want to be well insured.

For us this is number 1. We both come from the EU, but because we come from different countries it is sometimes really confusing when we do right or wrong.

So do good research on your front and countries as a digital nomad in your own country, also ask a specialist for advice. See this as an investment that can save you a lot of money.

Just do it!

When we wanted to start our relationship in a new phase, we took the step without thinking. We had a good job, Max was a supervisor, and I was a team leader. We had resigned and canceled all vacation days and immediately left our regular good income that day.

We don’t say throw away everything you love and be safe, take the time (or not when it feels right) to make your plan. But one thing is important, DO IT!

Don’t put it off, you have nothing to lose, you can lose a lot of money, but you get so much in return.

Just do it!

Sure, life isn’t all about working, you’ve just become a digital name for seeing the world and really ENJOY. Plan your time well so that you can really be free to explore the new environment and meet new people.

We have been digital nomads for almost half a year and despite all the responsibilities that come with it, this lifestyle is truly a dream! We have been in Ibiza, Bali, Malaysia and Portugal.

Sure it is hard work but it is all worth it. We have our passion together, traveling and not to forget our work.

We wish everyone this dream, but also want to help you with the reality that is not shown on social media.

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