April 19, 2020

Real talk

I just want to have a real talk about the fact that we are “Digital Nomads”.

When we have started to travel and to work at the same time, everyone was saying “Wauw, so you are Digital Nomads”? It was a weird feeling to be called like that, I never hear about the title Digital Nomad before.

Don’t get me wrong in this real talk, I love our way of living and being a nomad. And to make websites/graphic design with Iris is a blessing, and I’m proud to be a digital nomad.

But my point is that we are living in a time that people want to put each other in a box in a world that needs to be free. When we started IM Nomade we created the name based on how we are, I (Iris) M (Maxime) Nomade (written in Dutch), it is the perfect combination of our lifestyle and not to follow the trend of being a nomad. We have chosen the name with a passion for how where and how we want to work with our clients.

When you are a nomad you make a journey to meet your clients and, to see places in the world. This journey is for every nomad different and can’t be matched with all the other digital nomads. This journey is something special that you can’t put in a regular box. The nomad life is not made for everyone, most of them don’t even have a home (like us). All the time you live in a suitcase and believe me that has so the funny “I miss moments”. Like missing a closet or coming home and smell the food that’s coming out of the kitchen. If you are a nomad or travel a lot let me know what you miss about not being/having a home in the comments.


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